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Title Residential Advisor
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Under the direct supervision of the program director and manager, the resident advisor’s primary responsibility is to assist the client in assuming responsibilities for independent living. Specific attention should be paid to increasing the client’s skills in personal and community activities of daily living, promotion of friendships and interpersonal relationships with family, to ensure continuity of employment of structured day program attendance.  The resident advisor should also provide incentives to the client to pursue further educational and volunteer programs when applicable.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

  • The developmental/implementation and assessment of daily living skills, such as grooming, personal hygiene, planning and preparation of meals, the care and comfort of living quarters, money management, use of community resources, such as library, public transportation, church, etc., medication maintenance and socialization planning.
  • Participating in weekly supervision meetings with program director and monthly meetings with clinical team.
  • Participation in the admission/discharge planning process and recommended follow-up with the program director and admission committee.
  • Provide behavioral intervention when needed through the implementation of behavior modification program developed by staff therapist.
  • Case Management: Assisting case management services in providing necessary linkage to day program, legal, medical, psychiatric, dental and financial services to the client.
  • Counseling: Resident advisor would be responsible under the supervision of the clinical team and program director to assist clients with the development of necessary skills required in decision making, problem solving, and interpersonal issues. The focus of counseling is immediate and situational.
  • Crisis Management: Resident advisor must be able to respond appropriately to acute episodes of emotional distress in order to insure the safety of residents and staff. The resident advisor will be on call for such crisis and will be on a beeper system.  (See Emergency On Call list) Resident advisor may, on an emergency basis, be called to respond to a site not specifically assigned to.
  • Transportation: Resident advisor is responsible for finding transportation for clients to all appointments and events. This may be arranged through use of public transportation, Medicaid taxi, when applicable, or use of own vehicle.

Minimum of three years of experience required.  Valid New York State Driver’s License.   B.A. in Human Services preferred, Associates degree or its equivalent in college credits acceptable with experience in mental health setting.

$500 Sign-On Bonus

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403 (b) Retirement Plan

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