Resident Spotlight: Jennifer Roth

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Resident Spotlight: Jennifer Roth

Expressing Emotions Through Creativity

Aid to the Developmentally Disabled (ADD) has 32 residences, from mid-Suffolk throughout the East End. These sites are filled with amazing people and we would like to share spotlight blogs on them as much as possible. This week, we would like to introduce you to Jennifer Roth, an artist and writer who expresses herself through her creativity.

Jennifer is 23 and lives at the Roanoke residence in Riverhead and attends day program at the Synergy Center also on Roanoke Avenue. In both her residence and program, she receives a lot of support and encouragement with her creative arts. Jennifer writes her own poetry. In one piece titled, Just My Mask (click here to read it), she describes how she hides her differences. Writing has always been a mode to express her feelings on paper, without worrying about judgment.

“My inspiration is derived from within myself,” Jennifer explains, “Writing poetry has always been a great comfort to me.” Sometimes she will sit down and listen to music, allowing it to spark her emotions and help get her thoughts out on paper.

Ms. Roth shares her talent with her friends and program colleagues often. It has been recommended that she look into creative writing workshops. Her essays have even been published.

Any form of art is very important to Jennifer. “I love all forms of art, anything creative such as drawing, lyrics and music too.” She shares, “Any mode of expression.” She recently created a piece called, Caged In. (Pictured above.)

Jennifer also has a great passion for helping animals. She has researched helping stranded animals and wrote letters to the ASPCA about her interest and how she could assist.  She also loves to play basketball and has her own hoop at home. She fondly remembers her days as a varsity player in high school. Jennifer’s favorite food is sushi and she loves to go to Sakura Restaurant in Riverhead whenever possible. She considers herself a foodie who truly likes to cook. Jennifer learned the skill of cooking early on in life, when she needed to do a lot by herself. She also had attended classes at Suffolk County Community College’s Culinary Arts Center.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with her day program colleagues. She has close friends at her house as well, but prefers getting out into the community as an “escape from reality,” she describes.

Ms. Roth’s advice for others joining a day program or starting out in residential housing is this: “Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Stick up for what’s right. Don’t be too tough on yourself. You have your whole life ahead of you.”

To learn more about the ADD organization, residential housing, job opportunities and advocacy groups, browse our website or call 631-727-6220 ext. 203 with any questions.

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