Our Mission

You have our word…

RISE Life Services is a community dedicated to empowering people of all abilities to RISE to their full potential.

At RISE, we provide enhanced opportunities to help people reach their personal goals and live a more fulfilling life. Our multi-faceted person-centered services specialize in enhancing the lives of Rise’s community members.

Rises guiding principles are based on our core values of quality, dignity, inclusion, and respect. Following these core values, Rise is committed to fighting social injustices and inequalities which are often faced by our community members. Rise’s services are individualized, culturally aware and responsive to the needs of the individuals we serve.

Rise’s commitment to excellence is supported by our dedicated workforce and our compassion and responsiveness to the needs of the community members we serve. Rise’s diverse, knowledge-based team of professionals, is committed to providing the highest quality of care and services to build the foundation to a better, more productive and fulfilling life. Individual and family member satisfaction is the hallmark of our measurement of success and we hold ourselves to the highest standards.