Our Team

We simply could not do it without them

Our team is the bread and butter of our existence — without them, we simply could not do what we do. At RISE Life Services, we feel grateful to work in such a rewarding environment. From our shift supervisors to house managers, to administrative staff — we are one big family.

Charles Evdos
Executive Director

Holly Gurnick
Chief Financial Officer

Shavetta Crawford
ICF Program Director


Megan Kolsch
Director of Quality Improvement

Cherita Massenburg
Mental Health Program Director

Gina Mehalakes
Human Resources Director

We certainly can’t forget to mention our Officers, Board of Directors and Advisory Board, for whom without, we could not do what we do. They made Aid to the Developmentally Disabled come to life, and continue to work their hardest to make sure we are doing everything in our power to ensure your loved ones are taken care of properly while maintaining their individuality. Please click through below to meet the rest of our team!


Ronald R. McManus

Gregory J. Blass
Vice President

James Blog

Donna Ferrara

Board of Directors

Patricia Aubrey

Jack Van de Wetering

Vincent Barry
(Past President)

Peter Sabat

Angela De Vito

Anthony Galano, Jr.

Robert J. Feiler

Deirdre McCauley

Donald Rieb
Director Emeritus

Advisory Board

Elizabeth Hanlon

Gloria Ingegno
(Past President)

Lorraine Kaplan