When – Why – How

Estate Planning: what is it exactly? When should we start discussing it? It is recommended that anyone at the age of 55 and older should make time to explore estate planning. Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management of your estate during your life and at or after death, while making decisions about gifts, estate and transfers. It includes many areas to consider such as the importance of a valid will and how it makes a difference for your family; charitable estate planning; ways to give life insurance; saving taxes with year-end gifts; and even assigning gifts in trust.

Fortunately, RISE Life Services knows where to start and how to help navigate this process, which has many layers and can take time depending on your estate. It all begins with understanding and preparing a will, then evaluating assets at that point.

Details about charitable options can be discussed, such as Special Blessings. This option allows one to make a donation of a decided sum to RISE with a recurring gift amount for a grandchild or family member, whomever you choose. RISE will send this specific gift amount each year for five years to the individual named in the trust. Not only does this give you the peace of mind of a recurring gift being set aside for your loved one, but it also comes with a benefit of being 78% tax deductible. Exploring choices such as this one is helpful for you, your financial future and your estate in general.

If interested, be sure to read more on our Estate Planning page. Then, call us at 631-727-6220 ext. 203. We will mail you a kit and can even set up a meeting at that time to review the next steps. We are here to answer questions and take the mystery out of these vital decisions in your life.

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