Social media plays a major role in fundraising for non-profits. It’s how we connect with our network of supporters and reach a new audience to join our community.  The avenues for fundraising have been enhanced, especially on the platform of Facebook.

Facebook helps non-profits to grow and connect. They even work with PayPal on national donation days such as Giving Tuesday by matching funds. Since Facebook was built on the premise of connecting with and making new ‘friends,’ it allows an organization like ours to CrowdFund or have others collect donations through their friend base, going directly to us online.

Recently, RISE was able to raise money for Holiday Gift Giving for our residents of the 32 homes that we operate. We ran this fundraising solely on Facebook, promoting it through email blast and other sources, then linking back to our Facebook page. The platform makes it very user-friendly for one to donate in any amount and the donation goes through PayPal to process. They track the progress and post it for our network to see. What makes this type of fundraising effective is the ease of donation but also the use of sharing. Our loyal supporter can share it on their personal page, thus giving us a brand new audience of their group. This goes on and on and builds from there.

Facebook also allows any user to start their own fundraiser with RISE as the benefiting charity. Many users will start a fundraiser for their birthday, set a goal and their charity of choice. As long as that charity organization has their account link for PayPal/Facebook to deliver the funds, it goes live. It’s as easy as that. RISE Life Services had three of these personal fundraisers running over the last two months and we raised a significant amount of much-needed funds. Not only for our Holiday Gifts, but also for other programming and resident needs.

We recommend using Facebook as an avenue for fundraising. Set up your page properly, connect it as a non-profit with a donation button (easily available on page tabs), and set a goal. Run with it from there and see what happens. You will be happy you did!

Visit our Facebook page to see what our online community is up to right now. You will also find us on Instagram and LinkedIn, or you can join our email list for weekly updates.

RISE Life Services provides a residential and supported living environment on the East End of Long Island, dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges to RISE to their full potential. To learn more about RISE Life Services, residential housing, job opportunities and other programs, please browse our website or call 631-727-6220 ext. 203 with any questions.