RISE Life Services has experienced much success with fundraising, staffing, training, quality improvement and overall rebranding our agency. The Main Street Market Food Pantry has grown significantly and continues to expand. We are helping more of our community than ever before, in food donations and outreach services. The Main Street Connection, our day program without walls, continues to grow. However, now more than ever, we need your help!

New York State is seeking to close many agencies just like ours, or merge them over the next few years. Without your support and donations, we cannot continue to provide the crucial services to our individuals. Our staff need to be better valued for the great work they do.

We continue to focus on building our Endowment Fund in order to strengthen and secure the financial future of RISE. This also allows us to do the very best we can for our residences and our staff.

How can you help with this? One way is to donate to RISE each year. Another way is to join our new program, Elevations Club. An Elevations Club Membership means you choose a subscription level and donate to RISE monthly. Then as a member, you will receive special benefits from local businesses, such as discounts and exclusive experiences. To learn more about Elevations Club, visit the home page and scroll down to find more.

Lastly, in order to find out more about yet another way to contribute, visit our Estate Planning page and read about including RISE in your will, insurance policies, trusts and even giving a gift in trust to loved ones. Your support directly helps our agency continue to provide the highest quality of care. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (631) 727-6220 x 203 or email me at cevdos@riselifeservices.org.

After reading this letter, ask yourself: How will I help someone RISE to their best life? Join us. Insure the future of this organization. Be a part of something special and make a powerful difference today and tomorrow!

RISE Life Services provides a residential and supported living environment on the East End of Long Island, dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges to RISE to their full potential. To learn more about RISE Life Services, residential housing, job opportunities and other programs, please browse our website or call 631-727-6220 ext. 203 with any questions.