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ICF Cook/Housekeeper

The dual role of the cook/housekeeper within the ICF Program is to ensure that all Individuals are following the diet orders put forth by the nutritionist. This is completed through the preparation of food, safe handling of food and food preparation equipment, as well as completion of shopping based on orders and approved alternatives. The cook/housekeeper shall additionally maintain a safe, risk-free physical plant by means of walk-through’s, purchasing of cleaning products and addressing of any physical plant concerns. The cook/housekeeper shall also be trained as a DSP.


  • Take the lead in supporting the staff team to assist the residents with their choices in the weekly menu planning in conjunction with residents’ preferences, tastes, dietary requirements and providing a well-balanced meal. Work with the staff team in planning of menus appropriate to the time of year, ensuring residents likes, dislikes, tastes, dietary requirements, preferences and well-being are substantially catered for
  •  Prepare and cook a range of quality home cooked meals, beverages, snacks, desserts, cakes and biscuits. To provide a choice and variety of quality home-made cooked main meals with additional choices in vegetables, salads and potatoes.
  •  Provide kitchen domestic duties to ensure a clean and safe environment is provided for the well- being of our residents and visitors.
  • Ensure food hygiene standards are maintained, food stock items are in date and food items labeled and dated appropriately.
  • Organize weekly shopping as required to ensure adequate stocks of food, beverages and milk are in the home
  • Work closely with the Manager in monitoring weekly expenditures and ensure that spending is kept within allocated budget
  • Co-operate with your employer by following instructions or policies.
  • Inform your employer of any serious or immediate danger to health and safety or any shortcoming in the employer's arrangements.
  • Discard expired foods and checking labels for expirations weekly. Maintaining only accepted cleaning supplies and the appropriate MSDS book as per OSHA guidelines.


  •  Ensure appropriate stocks of basic cleaning equipment/products, aprons, gloves, hand-gel etc.
  •  Ensure regular checks of laundry area; that it’s kept clean with lint traps cleaned daily
  • Carry out a monthly Health & Safety check of the residence. Monthly report to be submitted to the Resident Manager, Coordinator and Director
  • Maintain a current MSDS book of accepted cleaning supplies as per OSHA regulations


  •  Maintain a good standard of cleanliness throughout his/her areas of work and to ensure this activity is compliant with hygiene requirements, Dress code in the kitchen appropriate, hair out of the way, only essential jewelry, cuts and wounds are covered.
  •  Carry out daily and weekly cleaning duties and to maintain a written cleaning schedule with a cleaning rotation for the oven, microwave, hotplate, grill, deep fat fryer, sinks, fridge, freezer, etc. and to coordinate with the management how these items will be maintained with residence staff during off hours.


  • Manage within the allocated budget.
  • Review weekly with the Manager over budget issues. Must be able to apply and use the budget appropriately.
  • Maintain appropriate receipts and finances and coordinate with the manager to maintain documentation for prn auditing, if needed.
  • Discard expired foods and check labels for expirations weekly. Maintaining only accepted cleaning supplies and the appropriate MSDS book as per OSHA guidelines.

HS Diploma or GED and Valid NYS Driver's License Required




Job Benefits

Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

401k Retirement Plan

Life Insurance

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Paid time off after 3 months of employment (Vacation, Personal, Sick, Holidays)

Education Tuition Assistance

Verizon Discounts

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August 1, 2019
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Position: ICF Cook/Housekeeper

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