Dispatch Press Images + RISE

Recently, RISE Life Services partnered with Dispatch Press Images, a photojournalism website. Mr. Lander, photojournalist, has been donating his incredible photography work to RISE in order to help us share our latest, The Advocacy Initiative. Dispatch Press Images is a division of American Photojournalism, Inc., established in 1981. They are a press photo agency, carrying a working relationship with professional photographers around the world. They are dedicated to reportage, following in the...

M. Lander/Dispatch Press Images

The Advocacy Initiative

M. Lander/Dispatch Press Images After the dark days of facilities like Willowbrook and other well-known places in our area, it’s extremely clear that we never want to go backwards. RISE elevates the lives of each person throughout our programs. Help us to keep building a sturdy future for all those who depend on us! Learn more about our advocacy initiative and how your voice can make a difference. Click here to visit our webpage, use the customizable, pre-written...