sensory gardens

The Main Street Connection at the Sensory Gardens

The Main Street Connection is a unique day program at RISE Life Services. Participants of this innovative program are afforded the opportunity to use and build upon their current skill set to participate in the Life of the Community. “The Day Program Without Walls” offers a choice of daily activities that the participants of the program decide upon at regular meetings. The group works on individual goals and a daily routine, even though the activities for the day vary. (

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In 1999 the Planning Committee of RISE’s Board of Directors proposed a project that would create a sensory garden on the underutilized 2.5 acres of RISE’s Northville ICF. The garden’s committee was made up of board members, local businesses, farmers, the Cornell Cooperative Extension, community groups, and interested neighbors.  The gardens were completed through these dedicated individuals who spent countless hours of planning and working on this worthwhile enterprise.  It has been a wonderful way to create a bridge of understanding...