A Kind Exchange Makes A Difference

There are many days where we all have so much to do and are focused on getting our work done as soon as possible, then move to the next thing on our list. This story is quite the opposite. One our maintenance staff members, Greg Fedun, showed great kindness and concern for an individual in our day program and it made a huge difference.

Although Mr. Fedun had a long list of work to do,  he stopped when he noticed Ryan, one of the day program participants, watching him put together a storage bench.  Greg started to talk with Ryan and show him what he was doing and how to build it.  Greg then asked Ryan if he wanted to help him. Ryan quickly agreed. Greg then spread out the directions and explained how the pieces went together.  Then they both worked together to complete the bench.  Ryan was so happy that he was able to help. It made his day!

It should be noted that during the pandemic, Ryan particularly had a hard time with the isolation that resulted. This activity was one that brought him back to feeling himself, and raised his spirits greatly.

JoAnn Vitale, director of day and community services, shared her thoughts on the kind exchange, “I want to share my special thanks to Greg. I care greatly for all of our program participants, and get to observe what happens here every day. This was truly remarkable.” JoAnn continues, “Greg took the time out of his busy schedule to share his skill and kindness with Ryan, who really needed it and took an interest in the activity.”

The result was not only a very nice looking and useful storage bench, but also a renewed sense of accomplishment and happiness within a special person at RISE.

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