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After the dark days of facilities like Willowbrook and other well-known places in our area, it’s extremely clear that we never want to go backwards. RISE Life Services elevates the lives of each person throughout our programs. Help us to keep building a sturdy future for all of those who depend on us. Welcome to our Advocacy page, where you can find out more information about how to make a difference and support RISE Life Services through sharing the most powerful asset available…your voice.

Facilities like the shuttered one pictured here, as well as many others, are unfortunately how the story began. We never want to go back to a facility-based residential program. As long as our funding continues through New York State, then we can continue to move forward with our programs and the level of care we have provided for over 35 years.

Read the tragic story of Willowbrook by clicking here.

If you’ve taken a drive through Eastern Long Island, chances are you’ve seen one of our 32 beautiful homes! Our home residences are spread out all across the north and south shore of Long Island.

The photo pictured on the right is one of the residences within our Mental Health Programs. Our homes bring each person comfort, a sense of family and friendship, and most importantly – the care they need.

For more information about our Parent Advocacy group, or how you can get involved with this effort, please email Amanda at asanderlin@riselifeservices.org

Advocacy + Elected Officials

Please use the following New York State directory of contact information to share why funding is crucial to our agency.

New York State Governor

Kathy Hochul

NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

New York State Finance Committee 

Liz Krueger

Chair, NY State Senator
28th Senate District

New York State Assembly

Carle E. Heastie

Assembly District 83

New York State Senator

Kenneth P. LaValle


East End of Suffolk County, Long Island

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