Individualized Residential Alternative Program (IRA)

RISE’s IRA program, licensed by the New York Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), opened its first IRA residences in December of 1994.

RISE currently operates eleven IRA residences. Nine of these IRAs are Supervised (staff available 24/7) and two are Supportive (staff available when needed).

RISE’s IRA program serves individuals, both male and female, over 21 years of age, who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities and who function within the severe to mild range. All our residents receive services on a daily basis through the implementation of a comprehensive Life Plan (LP). All RISE’s IRA individuals live with 2-5 other housemates and are encouraged to attend Day Program and/or work 5 times a week. All of our services are delivered in a manner which promotes normalization, individualization, and integration into the community. The process of selecting an individual for our services is done by clinical assessment, which includes a review of psychological, psycho-social, medical histories, and contact with relatives and referring Care Managers.

The hallmark of the Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) program is People-Centered Approach, where the individual is the primary decision maker utilizing the guidance given by advocates, care coordinators, family, professionals, etc.

The program’s mission is to create an environment where the individual’s abilities, rather than deficiencies are highlighted; where individual’s choices, hopes, ambitions, and strengths provide the basis for meaningful services and allow the individual with the disability to become more empowered and fully engaged in community life. Values of individual independence, interdependence, community inclusion, individuality, and productivity are highly emphasized to enhance individuals’ quality of life and satisfaction.

Our IRA individuals enjoy their community, both inside and outside of the houses. They build individual skills, become more independent with their daily routine and most importantly, they create lasting friendships. Within each of these residences, they are a family. They go on outings, play sports, conduct household chores, work and have fun. Individuals, with the assistance of our program staff and services, continue to set goals and achieve them.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

The ICF (Intermediate Care Facilities) Programs at Rise Life Services is comprised of 5 residential homes located throughout the East End of Long Island.  This program is supported by OPWDD (Office of People with Developmental Disabilities) and caters to men and women, over 21 years of age, who are diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability and potentially diagnosed with a comorbid diagnosis.  Each residence is Supervised 24/7 by staff who are committed to the individual’s they serve.

Overall, our ICF’s serve individuals who are unable to care for their own basic needs or require heightened supervision and structure.  The residents often require staff support in a multitude of areas such as residential habilitation, integration into the community, and activities of daily living, to promote their independence or preserve the skills that they already possess.   Each residents’ treatment team, which consists of management, administration, behavior support, nursing support, direct support staff, day programming, and family members, strive to ensure that each resident has the best quality of life and can reach their fullest potential.

In addition, each resident is an integral part of the team and their wants and needs are the center of their treatment plans. Each of the ICF Programs at RISE Life Services are unique in their own way. However, the feelings of comfort and safety are consistent.  It is important to us as an agency to ensure that the each of the residents are allotted the same basic Human Rights an everyone else, especially the right to live with dignity and respect.

The main goal for this program is to encourage growth for all of the individuals we serve toward living more independent lives. We strive to continuously nurture each individual’s physical, psychological, and emotional growth.

Mental Health Program (MHP)

The Mental Health program consists of three levels of housing with varying staff supports offered at each level. Our Community Residence (CR) Opportunities programs offer the residents 24-hour a day staffing. Residential Counselors support residents by providing support, training, and assistance independent living such as shopping, cooking, money management, medication management, use of community services, and independent living skills. Symptoms management training and support is the cornerstone of the CR treatment model.   Rent includes food, furnishings, maintenance, and repairs, as well as other incidental expenses.

In our Apartment Treatment Apartment program (ATP) , the participants are independent in many areas of daily living but may continue to require minimal support and supervision. Trained staff make visits a few times per week and are available 24 hours a day via a beeper for emergencies. Individuals in this program live with two others. Connectivity to the local community supporting recreational, employment and healthy lifestyles takes priority in the ATP opportunity.  

For the above-noted programs, individuals are encouraged to participate in some form of structured daytime opportunity such as attending Personal Recovery Oriented Services (PROS), vocational training, supported employment, volunteering and educational opportunities.  All medical and psychiatric services are provided on an outpatient basis by local providers.

Each participant is involved in creating their own Individual Service Plan with the assistance of the interdisciplinary team to help them achieve their own goals and address any areas of need to aid them in increasing their level of independence. This plan and the participants’ progress. The emphasis in these programs is to have the participants gain skills to aid them in functioning in their daily life and move toward more independent living.

The Mental Health program also provides Supported Housing opportunities. Unlike the previously discussed programs, these sites are not licensed by the Office of Mental Health. The residents of this program live with two others and are self-sufficient for the most part but may receive assistance to access necessary services. Services may include securing alternative permanent housing, case management, mental health rehabilitation, respite, social opportunities, medical and employment supports. The sites are furnished, and general utilities are included in the rent. Rent is calculated at 30% of the participant’s income for the month.

James O’Connell

Dear Reader,
My name is James and I have been working as a cart collector and bottle depositor at the King Kullen in Hampton Bays since July 2022. My bosses would describe me as dependable and a hard worker.

I go above and beyond to provideexcellent service to customers. I love his job and I am very happy to be working to better myself.

VJ Reciniello

Dear Reader,
My name is VJ and I work as a full-time Sign Language Interpreter/Teacher Assistant at the East Islip Middle School & High School. I provide support to children who are deaf and require language accessibility. I follow a uniquely designed plan for the students that I work with each day. I love taking on adual role of teaching and engaging with the students.

I love my new job and I have met so many wonderful people. It’s not an easy career, but in the end, it is very rewarding!

Mickey Sena

Hello! My name is Mickey S. I am a resident of the Site #6 residence where I am an active participant in my service goals and receive education on my diagnosis. I have been able to hold a part-time job with McDonald’s in Riverhead since May 2023. I also have an etsyshop that I am able to make custom made birthday and holiday gifts. I specialize in creating wooden furniture and can make a set of handmade blueprints for your project.

My pricing is based on a formula that I have created. My project rates are reasonable and will remain competitive, given that the materials don’t change from the time of the initial contract. With skilled creative insights I take great pride in my work. I would love to work with you in the near future. I can only do on-site construction. I would be able to deliver the required materials and equipment to the site.

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