In The News: Wine Fairy’s 100th ‘Dusting’ On North Fork Spotlights 1 Winner

One of the individuals from our day program is featured in this recent article on North Fork Jesse Springer and his mom are doing great things for people!

“Wine Fairy’s 100th ‘Dusting’ On North Fork Spotlights 1 Winner”

As he celebrates his 100th “dusting,” mom says the joy of sharing kindness has helped her son Jesse navigate the coronavirus pandemic, too.

By Lisa Finn, Patch Staff

August 10, 2020

NORTH FORK, NY — One member of the North Fork Wine/Treats Dust Fairies Facebook page has kept busy during the pandemic, spreading magic as he “dusts” happy recipients —and this weekend, Jesse Springer celebrated the group’s 100th “dusting” by picking one lucky winner to receive the special goodies.

But the joy of spreading kindness during the pandemic has been a joyful experience for both those being gifted with treats, and those sprinkling the surprises across the community, all agree.

The words “I’ve been dusted!” have been spreading across Facebook posts faster than a fairy can fly as hundreds of individuals have come together with a new and creative way to spread acts of kindness during the pandemic.

“Dusting” is what’s done by groups of “wine fairies” who belong to Facebook groups and go out into the community, leaving surprise bags of wine, champagne, chocolate, popcorn, cookies, scratch-off tickets, flip flops, flowers, and other treats on doorsteps.

Christine Springer, one of the moderators of the “North Fork Wine/Treats Dust Fairies” group, along with the group’s creators Debbie Doka and Charlotte Smilovich, said she loves dusting with her son Jesse. “It’s fun, thinking of a theme and spreading the joy.”

Jesse, who is a big part of every dusting she sets out on, dresses up each week as the NOFO Fairy, depending on the week’s theme.

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