Rise Food Main Street Pantry Serving the East End of Long Island

In the heart of the East End of Long Island, Rise Life Services witnesses the stark reality of a hunger crisis gripping the community. With needs skyrocketing by an alarming 300%, Suffolk County finds itself with over 20% of its residents struggling with food insecurity, demanding urgent action.

Answering this critical plea, Rise Food Main Street Pantry joins forces with esteemed allies like Shoprite, Long Island Cares, Panera, and Long Island Harvest. Together, they unite to tackle hunger head-on, determined to ensure that no one in the community goes hungry.

To extend their reach to the most vulnerable members of society, Rise unveils its groundbreaking solution: a cutting-edge Refrigerated Van. This mobile unit embarks on a mission to deliver essential sustenance directly to the doorsteps of those unable to leave their homes.

Rise Food Main Street Pantry’s proactive stance and inventive strategies shine as a beacon of hope for the East End. Their unwavering dedication to easing hunger and supporting the community in times of need stands as a testament to their commitment to service.

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