RISE Life Services, Palumbo deliver food to Kent Animal Shelter

By Quint Nigro RiverheadLocal

RISE Life Services donated hundreds of pounds of pet food to Kent Animal Shelter on Monday afternoon.

Sen. Anthony Palumbo was on hand at the shelter for the distribution. “The increased costs require a lot of people to choose between food to feed themselves, or feeding their beloved animals,” Palumbo said. “This is really critically important.” 

The donations were made in an effort to increase Kent’s capacity to help homeless and underfed animals in the area. 

“For about a month and a half we go around the community collecting supplies for the animal shelter,” RISE Program Director JoAnn Vitale said. Food, toys, blankets, and beds were among the goods donated to the shelter Tuesday.

In the United States, more than 100,000 animals were added to shelters last year. Meanwhile, the cost of pet food has risen nearly 40% in the last year. 

According to its website, Kent typically has 100 animals in its shelter. Green added that the food was also available for “anyone in the community [who] needs food to help feed their own personal dog or cat.”

Kent has served eastern Long Island for nearly half a century. In addition to its animal shelter, Kent offers a low-cost spay and neuter clinic, as well as a cat retirement home. Kent is currently undertaking a $4 million renovation to its facilities.

RISE Life Services is a nonprofit organization that supports developmentally disabled and mentally ill people on Long Island, providing a variety of services including residential programs, clinical supports, and more.

“I thank the staff and volunteers of Kent Animal Shelter and individuals from RISE for teaming up to keep more animals in their forever homes,” said Sen. Palumbo.

Representatives for RISE and Kent both said that they are continuing to accept donations.

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