Connect with Main Street Connection Bloggers

Last week, we shared more about the Main Street Connection, RISE’s innovative day program. (Read more about this program by clicking here.) Recently, we also saw the return of the blog written and published by our day program group of writers. Today, we want to begin sharing more about each of the bloggers involved in writing and publishing. They each bring unique assets to the table and are eager to share more about who they are with you. Today’s blogger highlight is Isabella Napolitano, or Izzy, as her friends call her. Isabella has prepared a bio for this week’s blog.

My name is Isabella Rosalie Napolitano and my favorite animal is the horse. I’ve worked with them throughout my life, starting when I was a young girl, I would help my grandmother with these beautiful animals. Then, when I went to a sleep-away camp in Upstate New York, I had the opportunity to work with horses once again. I just love everything about them. They are my passion! Being an animal lover is a big piece of my life and who I am. My dream job is to be able to work with horses on a full-time basis.

RISE Life Services provides a residential and supported living environment on the East End of Long Island, dedicated to empowering people with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges to RISE to their full potential. To learn more about RISE Life Services, our day program without walls, The Main Street Connection, residential housing, job opportunities and other programs, please browse our website or call 631-727-6220 ext. 203 with any questions.

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