HR Employee Spotlight – Claudia Stinson

Claudia Stinson, R.N. at Rise Life Services, graciously shares her transformative journey before and after joining our esteemed team. Arriving in the US from Colombia at the tender age of 25, Claudia embarked on a remarkable career path, beginning as a Nursing Supervisor in large nursing homes. In this role, she skillfully oversaw multiple units and effectively managed staff through the night shift, earning accolades for her exceptional leadership and collaborative spirit with medical professionals.

However, despite her professional success, Claudia found herself yearning for a better work-life balance—a quest that led her to the doors of Rise Life Services. Intrigued by the prospect of working in group homes—a domain she had never explored before—Claudia seized the opportunity with unwavering determination.

Now, as she embraces her new role as a Registered Nurse at Rise Life Services, Claudia radiates excitement as she discusses the myriad benefits of being part of our dynamic team. She speaks passionately about the flexibility afforded to employees, the unwavering commitment to work-life balance, and the robust support system in place for professional growth. Moreover, Claudia eagerly anticipates delving into the intricacies of behavior management and relishes the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with individuals under our care.

With boundless enthusiasm and a deep-seated belief in the organization’s mission, Claudia is poised to make a significant impact within the Rise team. She exudes confidence in her ability to thrive professionally while also fulfilling her personal aspirations within our nurturing and supportive environment. As Claudia embarks on this exciting chapter of her career journey, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable contributions she will undoubtedly make to our esteemed organization.

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