RISE B-Quest

RISE B-Quest™ is a Charity-Owned Life Insurance program that allows you to make cash gifts equivalent to the premium amount on a new life insurance policy on your life, owned by a charity like RISE Life Services. Like any cash gift, an income tax deduction is available for the amount of the cash given directly to RISE. Charitable contributions allow individuals to support causes like RISE, while leaving a lasting legacy. Life insurance can be an important vehicle for those looking to maximize their charitable gifts once personal insurance needs have been met. Since each individual’s connection to our organization is unique, the amount of life insurance can vary based on the type and depth of the connection and the donor’s financial picture. Introducing RISE B-Quest™. Charitable Planning With Life Insurance. When making charitable gifts, you and the charity may benefit in a number of different ways. Contact us to learn more and for a free RISE B-Quest™benefit evaluation.

  • The charity receives a gift it can count on to further its cause.
  • You may benefit from the savings associated with a charitable income tax deduction.
  • You may achieve significant gift tax savings and reduce estate taxes.

To learn more, contact us at B-Quest@RiseLifeServices.org or call 631-727-6220 ext. 283


Martha Jones Example:

Martha Jones* is a retired advertising executive who has a passion for philanthropy. She recently learned about Charitable Planning through Life Insurance. Martha is 63 and in good health. She already donates approximately $15,000** per year to RISE but now Martha has a desire to ensure that the legacy of her donation lives on long after she passes away.

After speaking to RISE Life Services, and their licensed consultant, Martha learned that her annual donation to RISE can be leveraged to secure a $1,000,000** “charitable donation” life insurance policy. The owner and beneficiary of the policy would be RISE Life Services, who would pay an annual policy premium of $15,017** to maintain the policy. Since Martha will continue making annual cash donations to Rise, she’d indirectly be funding the insurance premiums on the policy and therefore, would still be entitled to her annual tax savings based on her current tax bracket.

Based on a 35% tax bracket and a donation of $15,017**, Martha would get an annual tax savings of $5,256**. At the end of her life, Martha’s legacy with RISE Life Services will live on. RISE will collect $1,000,000** to continue all the amazing work they do for the special people in their community.


When making charitable gifts, you and the

charity may benefit in a number of different

ways. Contact us to learn more and for a

free RISE B-Quest™ benefit evaluation.

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