Just like the surprise gumball machines we loved as kids, when you choose to shop blind with Rise Life Services, you are entering the world of beauty and mystery. 
(also you’d be supporting a nonprofit organization which is always a plus!)

Money Raised - $10,000 Goal


For $50 you can cover the cost of an art class.

Our long-term goal of $4,000 will cover the entire cost of community art classes, art supplies and transportation for all our residents. Your $50 will go towards supporting this long-term goal.


For $100 you can feed a family of 4 for an entire month.

Grocery prices are skyrocketing but RISE Life Services has partnered with local food pantry’s and food banks to provide for families in our community.


For $500 you can provide furniture for our homes.

Your contribution will go directly towards furnishing one of the 32 homes we have across Long Island. Your donation can buy items such as a picnic table, recliner chairs, a flat screen television or 2 low-rise cabinets.



Answer a few questions

In order for our professional curators to hand pick a piece of artwork for you, we’ll need to know some details. 


Pay and Recieve

Once payment is complete, you’ll be matched with, and shipped a piece of artwork you’re bound to LOVE. 


Save Lives

100% of our profits go towards our programs that save the lives of hundreds of individuals.
Learn More Here.


Rise Life Services is a non-profit located across Long Island that provides life services for those with physical and mental disabilities and those with mental health concerns. To learn more about what we do click here.

100% of the proceeds go directly to the individuals we serve and towards the growth of our programs. We are working on multiple new initiatives such as a mobile food pantry to deliver fresh and healthy food to those in need. Additionally, we are looking to secure more  locations to home more individuals in need of residency. 

When filling out our matchmaker form you’ll be able to select your price range, preferred style, and your desired size of artwork. Then you’ll get professionally matched with a piece of artwork that fits your wants and needs. If you have any additional comments or requests you can include them on the form as well and we will do our best to accommodate them!

When receiving the artwork you’ll also be given the official appraisal of the piece. The most exciting part? Pieces may be valued at hundreds of dollars more than what you spent!

Prices range from $25 – $2,000. You select your own budget and you choose what you want to donate.

We made sure each piece is appropriately priced and categorized so you always pay less than the appraisal. The more you spend, the better chance you have at receiving a piece of artwork valued substantially higher that what you paid.

After an order has been successfully paid and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email including your invoice. We regret to inform you that all purchases made through our platform are non-refundable. By engaging in any transaction, you acknowledge and agree to this policy. Large products, valuables, perishables, products with age-based restrictions, or items shipped via private carriers may require a physical mailing address or signature confirmation to be successfully delivered.

Full Shipping and Return Policy here

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to Ashley Herkommer 

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