Tips for a Safe Halloween

Written by: Jimmy, Khiry, Michael, Peter and Robert

The writers from the Main Street Connection Day Program would like to share some very important tips with parents on how to keep kids safe this Halloween. This year is very different than before, and many parents have been hesitant about what to do for this particular holiday.

It is safest and most cautious to stay in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The group recommends putting on a Halloween special or movie, like the treasured favorite, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Some great ideas to add to this Halloween at home would be for parents to bake some themed treats with their kids. Michael even suggested a bake-off between household members. Blast some Halloween music, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and have fun!

If heading out to some neighbors’ homes for trick-or-treating is a must, try to visit those you know and be sure to wear your protective mask. Then, don’t forget to use a flashlight and wear bright clothing, which is basic Halloween safety at dusk or dark. Parents, check all candy and treat bags for tampering, and stay with your child out on the street at all times.

Halloween can be extremely fun if we all remember to stay safe no matter what!

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Enjoy this spooky Halloween story, written by the Main Street Connection writers’ group.

I watched the whole thing happen. The moon was full. The haunted house looked scary. There were two visitors that walked inside of the creepy house. The pumpkin was spooky. I saw a ghost fly out of the window. I heard little kids laughing down the halls. Music was playing. Then I heard werewolves howling!

I try to scare the owls away from over my head. The vampire bats started flying around. The undead started rising from the ground. The bats scared the ghosts back into the castle. The two people who were in the haunted house drove off into the moonlight.

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